Research Database is updated on a bi-annual basis.

The Missing Persons Research Hub Research Database only features research that meets the below criteria. This way, the Hub can verify the quality of the work and ensure it contributes to advancing evidence-informed/based policies and practices in the field of missing persons.


Research must be:

  1. Published in a peer-reviewed journal (i.e., is it scholarly/refereed research?);

  2. Published from 2000 onwards for relevancy; 

  3. Provides clarity and logic of how information in the article was generated (i.e., is there a clear and suitable methodology?);

  4. Offers significant contribution (i.e., are new ideas offered?);

  5. Conforming and ethical (i.e., does it discuss and adhere to ethical principles?).

For other research that does not meet this criteria, please see 'Resources' for more information.