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See disclaimer hereFor research that has been verified by the Hub according to set criteria, please see the Research Database.

Below you will find other forms of research organized in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) including, but not limited to:

  1. Policy documents;

  2. Grey literature;

  3. Theses and dissertations;

  4. Reviews and inquiries; and

  5. Reports and consultation documents.

Designing Remote Collaboration Technologies for Wilderness Search and Rescue

Clark, Dylan G; Ford, James D; Berrang-Ford, Lea; Pearce, Tristan; Gough, William; & Kowal, Slawomir; 2013

Spatial Decision Support for Urban Search and Rescue and Disaster Management

C. Donald Heth, Grzegorz Dostatni, Edward H. Cornell; 2006

The Problem of Lost Children

Edward H. Cornell & Kenneth A. Hill; 2006

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